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4 benefits of utilizing mediation as a method for divorce

Though many Arizona residents may feel that their marriages can no longer stand the test of time, they may feel uncertain about how to approach divorce. If you find yourself in this type of situation, you may immediately think that dissolving your marriage will require courtroom litigation, losing a substantial amount of your assets or having to deal with a variety of other unseemly situations. However, divorce does not always have to turn into a stress-filled drama.

Alternative divorce resolution methods exist that could help you and your spouse come to terms more amicably. Mediation comes in as the most commonly heard of option, and it can offer a number of benefits for individuals willing to consider this approach.

Joint custody: working together for a strong post-divorce future

Divorce is difficult, and the decision to end a marriage will affect every member of the family, especially the children. In order to minimize the negative impact of a divorce and provide more stability in the future, some Arizona parents choose to parent cooperatively after a divorce through a joint custody plan.

Joint custody offers many benefits for both the children and the parents, but it is not always the best choice for every family. Before you make any important decisions, you would be wise to discuss all custody options with an experienced family law attorney.

5 steps to avoid jeopardizing post-divorce financial stability

Divorce is typically an emotional affair, and you may be one of those who is so overwhelmed by your emotions that you struggle to focus on the aspects that will determine your post-divorce financial stability. Divorces nationwide, including here in Arizona, can come with many financial challenges, but, with careful navigation, you can dodge many financial obstacles and move on to a new chapter of your life.

January: Popular month for divorce

Were you one of the many people in Tucson who made the mad rush to your favorite department stores on Black Friday? What about Small Business Saturday? That has become more popular in recent years as well. Here's one you might not have heard of yet: Divorce Monday. Studies show so many people file for divorce on the first Monday of a new year that the day has been dubbed as such. In fact, the entire month of January apparently fills family courts like no other month in the year.

Preparing for a gray divorce? Protect your finances.

Divorce happens at any age. But if you're over 50 when you decide to split, you may reasonably worry how the change will affect your ability to retire. There are ways to protect your assets when going through a "gray divorce" so you will still be able to enjoy your retirement and thrive in the future.

Does a husband's unemployment predict divorce?

According to Harvard researchers, there is evidence pointing to a husband's lack of full-time work predicting whether or not the marriage will last. While there are numerous reasons that lead to divorce, a husband's unemployment or lack of full-time work seems to predict divorce above several other factors.

What are the risks?

The study interviewed 6,300 married couples. It concluded that they were at a 32 percent higher risk of a divorce if the husband wasn't working compared to marriages where the husband was an active contributor financially with full-time employment. The reason for this may be because a man's sense of identity is tied to being the provider and to his job. If this identity is jeopardized, the long-term health of the marriage could also become jeopardized.

When can you modify child support?

When a marriage is dissolved, state law requires the non-custodial parent to contribute child support. This financial support can be decided by the parents or by court order, depending on the disputed issues and the nature of the divorce.

The financial circumstances of the family and statutory guidelines will help determine how much the non-custodial parent will need to pay in child support. Child support can be modified after the fact if circumstances change.

What to know about divorce before you start

Do you understand the divorce process in Arizona? Chances are most people do not fully understand what it is involved when they decide to end their marriage. To start with, divorce is actually called the "dissolution of marriage" in Arizona. Regardless of what term you use, divorce can be confusing.

What challenges do law enforcement and military members face in their family life?

We rely on police, firefighters, first responders and our military to protect us during accidents and emergencies. They perform some of the most difficult jobs in the world. But we don't always recognize the mental, physical and emotional toll these jobs take on the people who do them and their families.

A National Institute of Justice (NIJ) report studied the effect of law enforcement job stress on the officers and their families. Some of the most frequently cited reasons families of law enforcement officers feel stress include:

  • Long periods apart due to shift work and overtime
  • Fear of the officer being hurt or killed on the job
  • The effect on the officer of experiencing dangerous, stressful and disturbing situations
  • Unwillingness to discuss this stress with the spouse or family
  • Preoccupation with the job

Halle Berry could face yet another high-tension custody battle

Celebrity parents face unique challenges with a split or divorce, especially when it comes to dealing with the press. While parents with significant coverage in the media face the possibility of having much their personal matters aired on the news, it is important to remember that they still are subject to the law.

So, what makes a celebrity custody case more interesting? For many people, it's the fact that many celebrity custody disputes are complex and tension is high. Take the Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez split, which was announced just this week. The couple has a 2-year-old son and they are reportedly working on a custody arrangement.

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