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Arizona Family Law Attorneys

Tucson divorce lawyers of Centuori & Associates, PC have the experience, knowledge, compassion, and patience to help you through your family law case. Whether dealing with child custody and child support issues or a high-value property division, our team has a long history of successfully working on hundreds of divorce cases in Tucson. Please reach out to our team to schedule a consultation by calling 520-314-6526. We’re looking forward to talking with you soon!

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Focused On Family Law

Here at the law firm of Centuori & Associates, PC, our accessible and friendly attorneys focus primarily on family law and personal injury claims. We are dedicated to minimizing the stress that usually accompanies legal issues by using time-tested tools as well as alternative approaches to help you resolve your problems. We will take the time to review your individual needs and provide you with all of the legal options available to you. We will also ensure that you understand the legal processes that may be involved in your case, so that you have the information you need to make the most educated decisions.

A Comfortable Place To Address Uncomfortable Problems

At Centuori & Associates, PC, we purposely work to cultivate a calm and home-like atmosphere. We understand how difficult and stressful it can be when you are facing family law issues such as a divorce, a child custody battle, a parenting time dispute, a grandparents’ rights matter, or a problem with asset, debt and property division. Our lawyers are focused on working with you to find a resolution that involves the least amount of stress and litigation.

Long-Term Relationships

If children are involved, it is essential that the parties establish a long-term relationship and an effective means of communication to successfully raise your children in a multi-home scenario. Doing so lessens stress and can eliminate costly legal battles in the future. There are times that hearings and court intervention are necessary. Steve is an experienced litigator. While our lawyers often represent clients within family law issues in court with positive results on a daily basis, our core commitment is to preserve the parties’ ability to co-parent. This strategy often leads our firm toward creative methods of conflict resolution such as collaboration, mediation and open, civil negotiation.


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