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At Centuori & Associates, PC, we work closely with couples to create a prenuptial agreement that meets their goals and limits conflict. Our founding attorney, Steve Centuori, is a certified mediator who has experience in finding amicable solutions to complex legal problems. As your representation, he will discuss your needs and create a personalized prenuptial agreement that protects you.

In your consultation at our Tucson office, we can answer your prenuptial agreement questions. Our office helps people across Southern Arizona, including all of Pima County. Call us now at 520-314-6526 to set up your consultation.

What Exactly Is A Prenuptial Agreement?

In an Arizona divorce, marital property must be divided equitably. A prenuptial agreement allows either spouse to protect their property from division in case of a divorce. These agreements can let both parties understand their finances before marriage and can prevent an extended divorce settlement dispute.

You can use a prenuptial agreement for many reasons, including to:

  • Ensure that one spouse retains control of a business
  • Protect a person's assets from division
  • Determine who will receive property after a spouse's death
  • Prevent a party from assuming another's debts

Our compassionate attorneys have years of experience with prenups, and they can help you prevent potential problems. By working with us early in the process, we can guide you to a happy resolution for all parties.

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