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How social media can impact your marriage or divorce


The effect social media can play on both marriages and pending divorce litigation is a new area of the law that attorneys are still exploring.

While many married people use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, the actual impact it may have on marriages is an issue still being explored. An alarming statistic came out from a 2015 UK poll conducted by Slater and Gordon. After polling 2,000 married people, nearly twenty-five percent admitted to at least one fight a week related to social media. In addition, seventeen percent admitted to fighting everyday about the use of a social media account. Although this is not a hard link between social media and divorce, it certainly is a factor that many divorce attorneys are starting to take a harder look at when it comes to preparing for a divorce case.

Attorneys are using social media accounts as evidence in divorce proceedings

This is certainly an impact that individuals seeking a divorce should not ignore as statements, pictures, comments and other activity on a social media site can be utilized in divorce proceedings. Especially, considering a recent poll conducted by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, where a whopping eighty-one percent of attorneys surveyed cited a rise in the use of social media accounts as evidence in a divorce case within the last five years.

The admissibility of online activity in family law courts

Convenience and efficiency of texting, e-mails and social media chats are almost always undeniable. But the flip-side of this modern coin is the permanent print these conversations have on the Internet. Every message, admission and picture that was sent can potentially be utilized in a divorce proceeding. As they sometimes say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” For example, a spouse trying to hide assets and then posts a picture of himself on vacation in Switzerland can certainly raise red flags. Although admissibility is specific to the case at hand and its jurisdiction, it should not be a surprise to divorce clients that his or her social media account is like an open book when it comes to trial.

What to consider when using social media accounts during your divorce

A general rule of thumb is this: think about what you would want the judge in your divorce proceeding to see. If it is something you hesitate a judge seeing then it is very likely a comment, conversation or picture that should not be posted on your social media account. Furthermore, make sure to keep emotions at bay when viewing your spouse’s account or using your own. This may be difficult but it is best to not make statements out of anger or frustration.

The best thing to do if you are in doubt is to consult with an experienced divorce attorney in Arizona. Only a skilled attorney can provide actual legal advice for your specific divorce case. For questions about how your social media account could be impacting your divorce, seek the help of our divorce lawyers.