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Don't skip a crucial step in any military divorce with children

Making the decision to serve in the United States Armed Forces is an admirable one. The life comes with numerous challenges, including balancing work with family life. The stresses put on military families can sometimes result in a breakdown of the marriage and lead to divorce.

When this happens and children are involved, resolving custody issues often requires numerous considerations with which civilian couples don't have to contend. One of them involves arranging for those times when a deployment occurs. The possibility that the service member will receive orders only hours prior to departure exists. If you serve in the Armed Forces and are in the midst of a divorce with children, you must include a family care plan to deal with this issue.

Child support modifications restore financial balance

You may feel as though you got the short end of the divorce if you pay child support, but only have a limited time to spend with the kids each week. Of course, you understand your obligation to support your children, but there is no question that the payments take a bite out of your budget. When unexpected expenses come up, you often sacrifice your own needs to ensure you can pay the full amount of your court order.

Despite your disappointment in the situation, you may accept your obligation. However, if a financial setback or other circumstances find you falling farther and farther behind on your debts and maybe still unable to make your child support payments, you may have cause to seek a modification of your support amount.

Reviewing your parenting plan for the summer months

If your child recently handed you a field trip permission slip, you may have experienced a reality check. The Arizona school year is almost over, and the kids will be starting their summer vacation in a matter of weeks. In the past, this may have been no big deal. However, now that you are divorced, you have a parenting time schedule to consider.

You certainly have ideas for what to do with your kids this summer. Maybe you have already put in for vacation time at work so you can take the children to the beach or a favorite camping site. Have you checked with your ex about these plans? It is possible he or she has similar arrangements, and for the sake of the children and the peaceful summer you imagine, it is critical that you and your ex get together and work out your plans for the summer.

When should you fight for sole custody?

There is no disputing the positive effect co-parenting can have on children of divorce. After the turmoil of the breakup, arranging parenting schedules so that both parents can spend as much time as possible with the kids can certainly diminish the potential for long-term negative impacts on the children.

All things being equal, you may agree that shared parenting is a good idea. However, maybe you have reasons for not wanting to co-parent with your ex. If you have decided to fight for sole custody of your children, you may wonder if your reasons are valid and how you can make your case in court.

Avoid making mistakes during property division

Divorce has enough stress and anxiety without adding to it your worries that you will struggle financially after you split with your spouse. While it is true that many divorced individuals in Arizona and across the country spend months or years trying to get back on their feet after a divorce, it does not always have to be that way.

Even if you have been married longer than 10 years and are closing in on your retirement, you can still take steps to protect yourself from a financial crisis. As emotional as a divorce may be, it is imperative that you remain focused on obtaining a fair division of property, and this does not always mean a 50-50 split.

Don't let hidden assets ruin your property division

Divorce can be a difficult process, and you might feel overwhelmed by everything on your plate. If you have children, you have to figure out your child custody and support situation. You might need alimony, or a judge could order you to pay alimony to your ex. In the midst of all of this, you might notice a few red flags popping up during property division.

Hiding assets during divorce is not as uncommon as you might think it is. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you suspect that your ex might be hiding marital property.

Right of first refusal can increase your parenting time

Even if you know your divorce is the right decision for your personal wellbeing, you may have some regrets. Probably the biggest regret is that your divorce will divide the time you will spend with your children. You may expect to obtain a fair enough custody ruling in Arizona family court, or perhaps you and your spouse will work together to come up with as equal parenting time as possible.

Nevertheless, there are going to be days and evenings when the house will seem too quiet and your heart will ache just to hear the kids bickering again. While you may not be able to have your children as often as you would like after the divorce, there is a way to increase the time your custody arrangement allows.

Your business may be at risk if you divorce

Starting a business is exciting and a little scary. As confident as you may be about your service or product, you can never predict how successful your business will be. In this way, starting a business is similar to getting married. As committed as you may be to your spouse in the beginning, you never know how things will end up.

When a business owner gets married, he or she doubles the uncertainty. Not only is there a risk the business will falter but also the chance the marriage will end. Divorce can be disastrous if you do not take precautions to protect your business as early as possible.

Avoiding divorce mistakes could help your case

Going through a divorce can affect any married couple. In your case, you may have seen the signs of the impending end of your marriage for some time, or you may have been caught by surprise when your spouse announced that he or she wanted a divorce. Whatever the case, you certainly want to make sure you handle the situation well.

If you felt that the divorce came out of nowhere, you may understandably feel emotional. However, you do not want to let those emotions get the better of you at such a time. Acting irrationally may be a mistake, and you likely want to avoid other divorce-related mistakes as well.

Financial abuse complicates the decision to divorce

Perhaps your spouse has provided well for you during your marriage. You live in a nice home, take extravagant vacations and have every necessity. However, if you are considering divorce, you may feel frustrated and even frightened about how you would manage since you have no access to cash.

You may be one of many in Arizona who are victims of financial abuse by their partners. This may happen when someone who earns considerably more than his or her spouse controls the money in such a way as to deny the spouse any access to it. While sometimes this kind of control includes physical violence, often it is a form of emotional abuse that can leave you feeling trapped, afraid and with no resources to help you escape.

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