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Don't let hidden assets ruin your property division

Divorce can be a difficult process, and you might feel overwhelmed by everything on your plate. If you have children, you have to figure out your child custody and support situation. You might need alimony, or a judge could order you to pay alimony to your ex. In the midst of all of this, you might notice a few red flags popping up during property division.

Hiding assets during divorce is not as uncommon as you might think it is. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you suspect that your ex might be hiding marital property.

Right of first refusal can increase your parenting time

Even if you know your divorce is the right decision for your personal wellbeing, you may have some regrets. Probably the biggest regret is that your divorce will divide the time you will spend with your children. You may expect to obtain a fair enough custody ruling in Arizona family court, or perhaps you and your spouse will work together to come up with as equal parenting time as possible.

Nevertheless, there are going to be days and evenings when the house will seem too quiet and your heart will ache just to hear the kids bickering again. While you may not be able to have your children as often as you would like after the divorce, there is a way to increase the time your custody arrangement allows.

Your business may be at risk if you divorce

Starting a business is exciting and a little scary. As confident as you may be about your service or product, you can never predict how successful your business will be. In this way, starting a business is similar to getting married. As committed as you may be to your spouse in the beginning, you never know how things will end up.

When a business owner gets married, he or she doubles the uncertainty. Not only is there a risk the business will falter but also the chance the marriage will end. Divorce can be disastrous if you do not take precautions to protect your business as early as possible.

Avoiding divorce mistakes could help your case

Going through a divorce can affect any married couple. In your case, you may have seen the signs of the impending end of your marriage for some time, or you may have been caught by surprise when your spouse announced that he or she wanted a divorce. Whatever the case, you certainly want to make sure you handle the situation well.

If you felt that the divorce came out of nowhere, you may understandably feel emotional. However, you do not want to let those emotions get the better of you at such a time. Acting irrationally may be a mistake, and you likely want to avoid other divorce-related mistakes as well.

Financial abuse complicates the decision to divorce

Perhaps your spouse has provided well for you during your marriage. You live in a nice home, take extravagant vacations and have every necessity. However, if you are considering divorce, you may feel frustrated and even frightened about how you would manage since you have no access to cash.

You may be one of many in Arizona who are victims of financial abuse by their partners. This may happen when someone who earns considerably more than his or her spouse controls the money in such a way as to deny the spouse any access to it. While sometimes this kind of control includes physical violence, often it is a form of emotional abuse that can leave you feeling trapped, afraid and with no resources to help you escape.

Don't be stereotyped as a non-custodial parent

In most joint custody arrangements, the court will consider one parent the non-custodial parent. This is often because the children will primarily live with one parent in order to maintain continuity of their lives. For example, if you and the other parent do not live in the same school district, the children would spend the majority of their time with the parent in that school district.

In addition, your schedule may not allow you to spend as much time with your children as you would like. Any number of reasons could prevent you from being the custodial parent, and now, you feel as though society puts you into a box because of it.

Is your law enforcement pension at risk during divorce?

As you moved forward with your career as a law enforcement officer, you may have garnered promotions and accolades for your fine work. You may have shared in the joy of these moments with your spouse and valued the support he or she offered. However, the stress of the job or other marital issues may have resulted in your once-happy marriage taking a turn toward divorce.

This type of scenario could happen to any married Arizona resident, but you may have particular concerns when it comes to property division. For instance, you may be worried that your retirement pension will face negative impacts during the divorce process.

Divorce diagnosis: Doctors can face financial setbacks

Being a doctor may have always been your dream job. From a young age, you may have kept yourself on the educational path to reach your career goal. Along the way, you also got married and maybe had some kids. All in all, you felt your life was heading in the right direction. Then, one day, your plans changed when your spouse announced that he or she wanted a divorce.

Whether this news came as a shock or you saw it coming for some time, you still have a lot of road to cover ahead. In particular, you will need to handle a number of legal and financial issues related to the dissolution of your marriage. Because you are a high-income professional, you may feel particularly worried about how a divorce will affect your financial situation.

3 factors to understand during your high asset divorce

When you got married, you likely envisioned a life in which you and your spouse would go through many experiences together. As you both worked and accumulated a considerable amount of assets, you may have begun to feel even more as if the world was at your feet as a couple. Unfortunately, your relationship did not stay as strong as you had hoped in the beginning.

Whether you were married for a few years or a few decades, going through a divorce can be complicated. Because you have become wealthy over the years, you may worry that your considerable net worth will cause even more complications during the divorce process. You are not incorrect to follow this line of thinking, but fortunately, you can help yourself prepare and protect your assets.

Getting through the holiday custody schedule

You may remember those early holidays with the kids. With a schedule in mind, your family attended church services together, arrived at Grandma's for an afternoon feast, and perhaps darted to other holiday gatherings throughout the week. While those may have been hectic days, you may give anything to have them back.

The holidays after a divorce can be difficult for parents, especially if a custody arrangement does not allow those early traditions to continue. You may be grieving the loss of those memories as well as the breakup of your family, and certainly, you are feeling the emotions of having to divide the time you get to spend with your children. While the holidays may never be the way you imagined, there are ways you can get through them and retain some of the joy.

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