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New study points to rise in divorce over January-March period

There are myriad reasons why a couple may decide to get divorced. Maybe they mutually feel that their relationship is no longer fulfilling; maybe they have emotional or personal issues that simply make their marriage untenable; maybe property or financial issues reach a boiling point, and the couple decides it's time to split. However, for as many internal factors there can be that causes a divorce, external factors can play a role as well. The economy, legal issues, criminal activity: all of these things could cause marital strife and, ultimately, divorce.

Glanville, Cibrian renew tense divorce with child support feud

Many Tucson residents are familiar with the many iterations of the show "Real Housewives." One of the show's members that rose to prominence is Brandi Glanville, who was married to actor Eddie Cibrian. They eventually divorced and now Cibrian is married to singer LeAnn Rimes.

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