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Glanville, Cibrian renew tense divorce with child support feud

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2014 | Uncategorized

Many Tucson residents are familiar with the many iterations of the show “Real Housewives.” One of the show’s members that rose to prominence is Brandi Glanville, who was married to actor Eddie Cibrian. They eventually divorced and now Cibrian is married to singer LeAnn Rimes.

Recently, Glanville took to Twitter to explain how she is being asked by Cibrian to pay for child support. The details are sparse and Cibrian denies that he is requesting child support. It’s a “he said, she said” scenario with very little substance. But the reason why we’re talking about this story is two-fold.

First, let’s talk about the actual divorce element at play in this story: child support. Child support can be a very tricky deal that causes either spouse — paying or receiving — a lot of stress. Many divorced parents who pay child support end up paying less than what they owe, or don’t pay anything at all. Obviously, that can cause legal and financial problems for that spouse. But it also causes the receiving spouse anxiety too, as he or she may struggle to pay for vital items that their child needs.

Whether you are a paying spouse struggling to keep up with the support payments, or a receiving spouse who feels they are getting short-changed, you should consult your divorce attorney to try and adjust your support agreement or to fix the situation.

The other aspect here though is the “celebrification” of divorce. Shows like “Real Housewives” and magazines like “US Weekly” make a bit of a mockery out of the divorce process. Divorce isn’t always the drawn-out, contentious affair it is made out to be. Most divorces involve average, everyday people who simply don’t want to live in an unfulfilling marriage anymore. The two spouses are amicable enough to make a divorce agreement work, and they move on with their lives.

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