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Saga of teenager suing parents for child support comes to a close

As many Tucson residents have likely heard and read about over the past month, a teenager named Rachel Canning has fled her home and sued her family for "child support." Apparently Canning was "belligerent" and refused to obey the rules of the house, according to the family. She was preparing for college and the family refused to pay for her senior year of high school, and it appeared that she would not receive college tuition help from her family either.

Be careful with social media during divorce

Social media during -- or even after -- divorce is a dangerous place, riddled with potential risks that could affect your divorce agreement. If you say the wrong thing, or even if you have old photos or statuses that suggest something nefarious, it could affect a judge's view of you as a parent, or how much you pay in alimony. It may seem farfetched, but it is only a natural progression of our technological era. The more of us we put online, the easier it is for people to know about us, even the parts we would rather keep private.

Somes states are considering extending divorce waiting period

Once a married couple makes the decision to file for divorce, it is not exactly commonplace to make a U-turn on that decision. It can happen, mind you -- but in most cases, the divorce sticks. The married couple has reached a breaking point in their relationship, one that demands a reset button. Maybe the couple is able to pass over that reset button, but it is uncommon to reach that decision.

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