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Be careful with social media during divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2014 | Uncategorized

Social media during — or even after — divorce is a dangerous place, riddled with potential risks that could affect your divorce agreement. If you say the wrong thing, or even if you have old photos or statuses that suggest something nefarious, it could affect a judge’s view of you as a parent, or how much you pay in alimony. It may seem farfetched, but it is only a natural progression of our technological era. The more of us we put online, the easier it is for people to know about us, even the parts we would rather keep private.

That’s one of the great ironies of social media, that there is a semblance of “privacy” that makes us think the information we put on there is somewhat safe, even if only on a small scale. But the reality is, your ex-husband or ex-wife could easily look you up on Facebook and see what restaurants you’ve checked into, who you are going to dinner with and what that dinner looked like.

This is just the evidence that can be found scanning someone’s basic profile. If you extend the search, social media becomes an even greater minefield for divorcing couples. For example, what if someone has some scandalous private messages on his or her profile? What if, during a particular upsetting time, one of the spouses takes to Facebook and types out an angry and inflammatory status that mocks his or her spouse or ex?

Ultimately, there’s only one way to guarantee these things ruin your divorce agreement: stay away from social media for awhile.

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