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Saga of teenager suing parents for child support comes to a close

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2014 | Uncategorized

As many Tucson residents have likely heard and read about over the past month, a teenager named Rachel Canning has fled her home and sued her family for “child support.” Apparently Canning was “belligerent” and refused to obey the rules of the house, according to the family. She was preparing for college and the family refused to pay for her senior year of high school, and it appeared that she would not receive college tuition help from her family either.

She moved out of the home and moved in with a lawyer, whose daughter is her friend. The lawyer then helped Canning file a “constructive abandonment” lawsuit against her family, which would have forced them to pay Canning a form of child support so that she could go to college.

However, Canning finally dismissed her lawsuit recently and has moved back in with her family.

While this story has nothing to do with divorce and it only tangentially deals with child support in the way that divorce and family law use it, the story does serve an important function: it is a reminder about the way divorce and its issues are portrayed.

Most divorce stories are tinged with absurdity, or deal with the most messy or embarrassing of circumstances. However, most divorces are not the sloppy soap operas that these stories make them out to be. In stark contrast, most divorces involve everyday people who are dealing with a certain set of issues that many divorcing couples have faced before them. There may be unique circumstances surrounding their divorce, but ultimately there are certain aspects that are inherently involved when a couple decides to split. Handling these issues in a timely and constructive way can help a divorcing individual move on with their life.

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