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Arizona House rejects bill affecting custodial parents

One of the biggest issues facing divorced parents is that of child custody. For some couples, especially if they have split amicably, it is easier to reach an agreement on how to share their child's time. However, if the parents live far apart, or one of them seeks to move away, it can often complicate matters like visitation. Recently, in Arizona, a new bill threatened to make it harder for divorced parents to move with their children.

New state laws sometimes complicate the divorce process

As many couples in Arizona know, no marriage is perfect, and some simply don't work out. Although some couples can work through their differences, for others the best option is a fresh start. Whether your divorce is amicable, or you are at odds with your spouse, there are several things to sort out. You will need to agree on the division of your assets and even the custody of your children if you have them.

Doctor has license revoked over unpaid child support

Every child deserves the love and support of his or her family. When parents separate, even if they are not on good terms, most still want the best for their children. Among other things, this means discussing custody terms and determining child support obligations. In Arizona, family law aims to help parents reach an agreement that is in the best interests of the child. Both parents are obliged to abide by this agreement, and matters such as delinquent payments are taken very seriously.

Arizona's child welfare reform must happen slowly and carefully

Many Arizona residents are affected in some way by state agencies' intervention into matters of child welfare. For example, many times in family law proceedings such as divorce, child custody or child support, testimony of staff from the formerly named Child Protective Services has played a role in the court's decision-making.

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