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Shared custody figures on the rise

Most parents want the best for their children, but when it comes to arranging custody, it can be difficult to accept that sometimes that means relinquishing some of one’s time with their child to the other parent. In Arizona, a lot of children of divorced parents grow up in the care of just one or the other of their parents, as is the case in many states. However, recent statistics suggest that shared custody is growing in prevalence in America.

More states take steps to improve on child support collection

In Arizona, many parents rely on child support payments in order to cover the costs of raising their children. Unfortunately, for many, these payments never come. As a result, the child and custodial parent may suffer financially, while the other parent could face an arrest warrant and even jail time for missing payments. In a bid to improve on the child support collection system, several states have resorted to new methods to claim the money.

Singer shares thoughts on divorce

Not all marriages work out and for couples in Arizona divorce is not an uncommon choice. As time goes on, many couples grow apart, develop new interests, or come into conflict with each other. Some may work to reconcile their differences, but this is not always possible. Occasionally divorce is the best option, affording both partners a fresh start and a chance to build themselves a more positive future.

State Supreme Court overrules grandparentsí visitation rights

As many residents of Arizona will know, families can be complicated, especially when they don’t get along. Where children are concerned, the matter can be even more involved, as non-custodial parents and grandparents may still want access to the children even if they are in conflict with the other adults involved. Grandparent visitation differs from parental visitation as grandparents generally have fewer rights than parents.

Father cleared of child support payments for more than 3 years

The child support system is in place to help ensure that children receive enough financial support from both parents, even if they no longer live together. However, determining how much a parent might be obliged to pay is not always a flawless process. If one parent's situation changes, it can dramatically affect their ability to cover their child support payments. Parents in Arizona should feel prepared to appeal if they think the agreed amount is too high or low.

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