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More states take steps to improve on child support collection

On Behalf of | May 20, 2014 | Uncategorized

In Arizona, many parents rely on child support payments in order to cover the costs of raising their children. Unfortunately, for many, these payments never come. As a result, the child and custodial parent may suffer financially, while the other parent could face an arrest warrant and even jail time for missing payments. In a bid to improve on the child support collection system, several states have resorted to new methods to claim the money.

While in many cases it is possible to recover some of the debt from the parent’s wages or tax returns, there are numerous ways people manage to dodge these methods. Other avenues include suspension of driving licenses, practice licenses and even passports. In Louisiana, it is also possible for the state to claim lottery winnings to cover child support. However, there are still those who are unaffected by these methods.

As a result, many states have begun to resort to the use of private companies in order to recover the debt. This works much in the same way as a debt collector does for other bills. However, in many of these states, instead of the state, the obligation falls on the parent due to receive the child support to hire the company, who then usually takes a fee of between 25 and 35 percent of the amount collected.

In some states, however, laws have been passed to allow the Department of Human services to enlist the service of these companies. In Kansas, an increase of $52 million in child support collections is predicted within three years. This could make a massive difference to the lives of many children and may even encourage other parents to make an effort to keep up with their payments.

Many of these measures are being enforced in other states, but similar practices could soon come into play in Arkansas. If you have concerns about your child support obligations, it is better to take steps to deal with it than to let the debt build up. An attorney may be able to help you renegotiate the amount you need to pay, or assist you in arranging a payment plan for any existing debt.

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