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Social media helps catch non-paying parents

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2014 | Uncategorized

In some Arizona family court cases, noncustodial parents will work hard to pay child support for their children. Depending upon a noncustodial parent’s income, the child support amount paid can be large or small. In some instances, though, a noncustodial parent may misrepresent his or her earnings in order to avoid having to pay child support at all. While some of these cases are hard for the legal system to prove, some parents are not careful with concealing their true income.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office in Wisconsin steps in when these parents claim that they do not have enough money to pay adequate child support but then post pictures on social media sites that suggest otherwise. One father only paid his $100 monthly child support payment one time, but he posted pictures on Facebook that showed him holding large bundles of cash. The mother of his child noted that if he can show that much money on social media, he could help support their child.

In another instance, a man only paid what averaged out to be 14 cents per day to support his 3-year-old son who suffers from leukemia. Social media posts revealed the man bragging about the amount of money that he was bringing home from work. He was charged with a felony for avoiding child support.

In cases like these, it can be difficult for custodial parents to support children without financial help from the other parent. The difficulties can make it so that the custodial parent feels overwhelmed enough to not seek legal advice. However, a lawyer with experience in child support cases might help guide these parents through the process of pursuing legal action in hopes of receiving back child support.

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