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Grandparents find themselves raising their grandchildren

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2014 | Grandparents' Rights

Arizona residents who raise their grandchildren are not alone. U.S. census figures from 2010 show that 4.9 million children are raised by their grandparents. Agencies and communities have come up with ways to help older citizens who are taking care of minors when circumstances no longer allow children to live with their parents.

While only 2.4 million children were raised by grandparents according to data from 2000, one expert thinks the higher number may make sense because agencies try to place children with relatives and people a child already knows. The Child Welfare Information Gateway listed substance abuse, incarceration or mental disorders as possible reasons parents can no longer house a child, and the federal government compiled resources about tips, health and safety and financial support for grandparents who raise their grandchildren.

Help also comes at the local level in some states; groups, including aging services and the police, offer Oklahoma grandparents backpacks full of supplies for the school year, and the University of Wisconsin provides grandparents with fact sheets about topics like forming close bonds and child development. AARP is able to reach a wider audience with its AARP GrandFamilies Guide that covers a range of issues and helps grandparents prepare with a list of documents they might need like Social Security cards, birth certificates, medical records, school papers and powers of attorney.

Couples seeking a divorce in Arizona have many decisions, ranging from property division to child custody. ahead. Some methods may allow for a quick, relatively inexpensive dissolution of a marriage and might be preferred when children are involved. An uncontested divorce is one option when both spouses agree to end a marriage and handle the divorce outside of court. In a situation where both parents are unable to provide for their children after a divorce and grandparents become a custodial option, those involved may want to consult a family law attorney.

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