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Law regarding maintenance and support payments in Arizona

Although there may be exceptions, the law in Arizona generally requires any court-ordered support or maintenance payments to be paid through the state’s support payment clearinghouse. The clearinghouse maintains the names and addresses of the parties involved as well as employment information for the party who must make support payments. Under the law, the clearinghouse must be notified if any party changes their address.

If a person responsible for paying support moves or changes jobs to avoid having to make their court-ordered payments, an action can be filed to force that person to pay what they owe. The person who is supposed to receive the payments due to a divorce or other type of custody order can request help from the state to get information that will help them collect the money they are owed. Home and work addresses as well as information about assets and debts can usually be provided.

The state of Arizona’s support payment clearinghouse offers a centralized location for tracking child support, spousal support and maintenance payments, making it easier for the state to maintain records and help collect delinquent payments. If a person attempts to move out of the area in an attempt to avoid making their court-ordered payments, the person who should be receiving the payments can request help to enforce the terms of a divorce decree or custody order.

A family law attorney can explain the various options available under the law to help collect child support, alimony and other court-ordered types of support payments. However, some options may not require the assistance of an attorney. Some individuals may be able to file an application to request assistance from the superior court. There may be several options available to ensure payment of these obligations.

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