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Dealing with divorce with a collaborative approach

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2014 | Collaborative Divorce

Although collaborative law is a somewhat new area of practice in Arizona, it offers divorcing parties the opportunity to work through the issues and reach an agreement without litigation. Both the parties and their lawyers work together in an effort to find a resolution that is acceptable. A collaborative approach may allow the process to be completed efficiently without a third-party making decisions in which neither party has a say.

Collaboration includes all areas of settlements. If there are children of the marriage, for example, collaboration is used to determine custody and parenting time based on the situations and schedules of the parents and children. In a court, a judge might impose a parenting schedule that does not fit well, potentially creating logistical issues for those involved. Working these details out in a respectful setting without the tense and argumentative environment of the court can be much more satisfactory. By approaching child support and related issues in a cooperative manner, a long-term co-parenting relationship can be initiated on a positive note.

Collaborative divorce also allows for property division and spousal support to be handled with a problem-solving approach. By handling these issues without an adversarial relationship being promoted, spouses can make a clean break without a lot of negativity. The marriage can be dissolved efficiently through this type of uncontested divorce. Support may be provided by financial professionals or others who can assist in evaluating the issues and helping the parties work through difficult areas.

The paperwork for a collaborative divorce is filed simultaneously for both parties, reducing the time needed to complete the dissolution of the marriage. Approaching your divorce in this fashion makes it possible to move forward on a positive note rather than dealing with the red tape and lengthy wait times that could be necessary in a case involving litigation. Read our collaborative divorce page to learn more.

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