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Understanding the penalties for failure to pay child support

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Child support in Florida is established after the parents of the child divorce or separate. The child support order can be written for the mother or father of the child. Income for the paying parent is taken into consideration when setting a monetary amount for child support. In many cases, one of the parents is also assigned the responsibility of providing medical insurance for the child in question.

Before the court is able to make a ruling on the provision of medical insurance for a child, both parents must provide information regarding their ability to secure the necessary insurance. In some cases, after a ruling on the insurance order is made, the party who is responsible for providing the insurance must notify the Child Support Agency, which is connected to the Department of Economic Security, when support has been obtained. That parent may also need to notify the agency if the plan changes and no longer covers the child.

Sometimes, neither parent is able to obtain medical insurance at a reasonable price. In those cases, the court may have to mandate that the paying parent provide a monthly medical support order, which might be paid in cash. However, if medical assistance is provided to the child through social security, the state is held as responsible for providing the child with the cash medical support.

As these descriptions show, decisions concerning child support obligations can vary widely and may touch upon a number of issues beyond simple monthly payments from one party to another. An attorney who is familiar with the complexity of child support decisions may be able to help parents understand the different obligations that they might have after a ruling about support has been made by the courts.

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