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Identifying tax situations that apply to unmarried parents

Unmarried parents from Arizona may be interested in learning about what factors affect their taxes. Before an individual files their taxes, they might want to research a few different tax situations. For example, whenever a person files their taxes, they will be asked if they are the head of household. This refers to a parent who was unmarried for the entire year and makes at least 50 percent of the income for the family. Typically, if a person's status is head of household, they will be able to receive a lower tax rate and might be able to file for more deductions.

What parents need to know about parenting plans

In Arizona and across the country, parenting plans are an important part of the overall process when two parents separate. A parenting plan lays out dates and structure to help both parents adhere to a consistent schedule. Consistency is important for the children involved and helps them feel secure.

What is required for a prenuptial agreement to be valid?

For some Arizona couples who are thinking about getting married, a prenuptial agreement can be an important part of their planning, particularly when one or both will be bringing valuable assets into the marriage. However, in order for this agreement to be enforced in a subsequent divorce, it must meet certain requirements.

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