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Research shows doctors less likely to divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2015 | Uncategorized

Arizona doctors may be interested to learn that a report released on Feb. 19 revealed that doctors were less likely to get a divorce than other medical or health care professionals. These findings were particularly interesting because it has often been thought that, due to the long hours and stress, divorce rates among doctors were high.

For this particular study, researchers provided surveys to thousands of medical and health care professionals, including 40,000 doctors and 200,000 dentists, nurses and health care executives. When the results of the surveys were analyzed, the researchers discovered that 24 percent of doctors had been divorced. Of the other health care professionals, 23 percent of pharmacists, 31 percent of executives and 33 percent of nurses had been divorced in the past. Of those who worked outside of the medical field, 35 percent of workers had been divorced.

The research also found other trends among doctors. Female doctors were reportedly 1.5 times more likely to have been divorced than male doctors. Additionally, female doctors who worked less than 40 hours each week were less likely to have been divorced than those who worked more than 40 hours, while the reverse was found to be true for men.

In some cases, job stress and long work hours can come between a married couple. If a couple should decide to get a divorce, family law attorneys may assist them with going through mediation to reach an uncomplicated divorce agreement or assist with negotiations to dissolve a marriage as quickly as possible.

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