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Child support delinquencies and incarceration

Arizona parents may be interested to learn that there are some critics of laws that send people to jail for not paying child support. While it might be appropriate punishment in some cases where parents simply refuse to honor their obligations, some are just too poor to pay child support. When this is the case, they can fall behind and the amount they owe can quickly grow.

Facebook used to serve divorce papers in unusual case

Arizona residents may have been aware of an interesting divorce case that took place in Manhattan recently. A woman legally served her husband divorce "papers" through social media, triggering a spate of stories in the news. However, the specific circumstances made it possible, and the situation may not be easily replicable.

Importance of reviewing beneficiary designations in divorce

When Arizona residents divorce, they often do so with the intention of not leaving any of their assets to their former spouses upon their deaths. In order to prevent a former spouse from receiving such things as the proceeds of retirement accounts or life insurance policies, it is important that people carefully review and change their beneficiary designations on those accounts and policies accordingly.

The use of qualified domestic relations orders in a divorce

Qualified domestic relations orders play an important role in many Arizona divorces, but most divorcing couples have little idea what they are, at least until they are deep into the case. Generally speaking, a QDRO is a type of domestic relations order that deals with retirement plan benefits.

How change in marital status may affect Social Security

Some Arizona residents contemplating divorce may be interested in the way remarriage or divorce affects benefits from Social Security. Several factors influence whether an ex-spouse may collect retirement and survivor benefits after divorce. In addition, remarriage may have a substantial effect on benefits.

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