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Conflict resolution choices could predict divorce

Married couples will go through periods of contention within their marriage. When two lives are joined, there will be issues that require debate. That said, the manner in which an Arizona couple chooses to resolve these everyday conflicts can be a strong predictor of whether the union will end in divorce. One psychologist has identified two specific patterns of behavior that he believes most often lead to divorce.

Lessons learned from celebrity divorce

Many Arizona readers are aware of the divorce rumors surrounding the marriage of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. The couple are approaching their 10th wedding anniversary, which serves as an important landmark among married couples. Spouses who remain married for at least 10 years before seeking divorce will have access to their former spouse's earnings record for the purpose of claiming Social Security spousal benefits.

Looking at the long term financial picture of divorce

For many in Arizona, the legal end of a marriage comes long after the partnership has dissipated. Spouses in this scenario are often emotionally exhausted by the time the legal proceedings begin, and simply ready to move on with their lives. This can lead to a lack of care when it comes to the financial aspects of divorce, and a failure to properly appreciate the gravity of the decision that are made during this tumultuous time.

Graduation day and divorce: Tips for Arizona families

Graduation day is on the horizon for many Arizona families, and celebration planning is in full swing. Graduating from high school marks a significant life event for a child, and is often considered to be the transition between childhood and adulthood. For families who have gone through divorce, planning graduation celebrations can be something of a challenge.

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