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Conflict resolution choices could predict divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2015 | Uncategorized

Married couples will go through periods of contention within their marriage. When two lives are joined, there will be issues that require debate. That said, the manner in which an Arizona couple chooses to resolve these everyday conflicts can be a strong predictor of whether the union will end in divorce. One psychologist has identified two specific patterns of behavior that he believes most often lead to divorce.

The first behavior pattern is one in which conflict takes a negative turn, and spouses are unable to find equilibrium in a timely manner. These are marriages in which resentment and contempt play significant roles. Spouses become stuck in a negative pattern, and are unable to implement the emotional tools needed to repair their bond and move forward. Before long, conflict begins to define the marriage, and one or both spouses begin to consider if leaving the union offers a better option.

The other pattern of behavior is one in which conflict is avoided whenever possible. These are couples who “agree to disagree” in order to avoid hashing out their differences. This may seem like a healthy approach, but over time resentment can build, as one or both spouses begin to feel as though their needs and concerns are not being addressed. Without the chance to discuss matters of contention and find resolution, the bond between spouses is weakened.

Both of these behavior patterns are toxic to a healthy relationship. For Arizona spouses who are able to take a proactive approach and change their conflict resolution techniques, it may be possible to save the marriage. In many cases, however, the damage has already been done, and the most promising path forward is to seek divorce. For many, the lessons learned during a failed marriage can be put to use in building a stronger foundation in future relationships, which can lead toward a happier horizon.

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