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Graduation day and divorce: Tips for Arizona families

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2015 | Uncategorized

Graduation day is on the horizon for many Arizona families, and celebration planning is in full swing. Graduating from high school marks a significant life event for a child, and is often considered to be the transition between childhood and adulthood. For families who have gone through divorce, planning graduation celebrations can be something of a challenge.

The best advice for parents who are no longer married is simple: place the needs of the child over all else. This means setting aside any lingering resentments surrounding the divorce and focusing on what needs to take place to make graduation day and the surrounding celebrations as smooth as possible. For parents who are able to work together to reach that shared goal, the end result can be positive for all involved.

To the greatest extent possible, parents should try to share in the celebrations. This can take many forms, depending on the structure of the family. In some cases, the custodial parent will host a graduation party and make sure to invite his or her former spouse and in-laws. For others, attending the graduation ceremony together then planning separate parties is a better fit. No matter how the weekend is structured, the graduate should never feel pressured to choose one side of the family over another.

Graduation is a time that most Arizona residents will always remember. For families of divorce, parents can give their children an astounding gift by ensuring that those memories are all positive. With the right motivation and a little bit of effort, graduation day can be a happy occasion for everyone, no matter their relation to the others who gather to celebrate.

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