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After divorce, couple struggles over frozen embryos

A case that is currently underway in one West Coast state will likely set legal precedent in how the courts address certain issues related to reproductive technology. The rights of two parties who both contributed genetic material that leads to the creation of an embryo are at the center of the matter. When a pregnancy and the birth of a child results, the process is deemed successful. When the parties divorce before an embryo is implanted, the issue becomes far more complicated, in Arizona and across the nation.

Marijuana use could impact a child custody case

The legalization of marijuana is a topic that has garnered a great deal of media attention in recent months. As states continue to work toward resolution on the matter, parents are left in a tenuous position when it comes to how use of the drug could affect them during a child custody challenge. Family law courts are known to lag behind all major social change, and the legalization of marijuana is no exception. For Arizona parents faced with the issue, it is important to mount an aggressive legal response as soon as possible.

Children jailed for refusing visitation with father

Arizona parents may be shocked to hear of an unusual and controversial case in which three minor children have been placed within a juvenile detention facility for refusing to visit with their estranged father. A judge made the decision to incarcerate the children after the most recent hearing in the long-running child custody case, and is the subject of a great deal of outrage. Many believe that she has far overstepped her authority in the matter, and is using an undue level of pressure in trying to force the kids to engage in court-ordered visitation with their father.

Talking to kids about divorce: Tips for parents

Once a couple has decided to end their marriage, the next step involves talking to close family members about the upcoming change. For parents, this can be a difficult step, as many kids will struggle with the news that their parents are planning to divorce. When having this difficult conversation, Arizona parents should follow some basic guidelines intended to ease the process for their children.

Compartmentalize in order to ease the divorce process

One of the biggest challenges during any divorce is the healthy management of stress. Virtually all spouses have a strong emotional reaction to the end of a marriage, and finding a way to address those emotions while also managing the various tasks that are required during a divorce can be a challenge. One approach that many in Arizona find helpful involves compartmentalization.

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