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Compartmentalize in order to ease the divorce process

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2015 | Uncategorized

One of the biggest challenges during any divorce is the healthy management of stress. Virtually all spouses have a strong emotional reaction to the end of a marriage, and finding a way to address those emotions while also managing the various tasks that are required during a divorce can be a challenge. One approach that many in Arizona find helpful involves compartmentalization.

Compartmentalization has long been used within the business world to make tasks easier to manage. The practice involves setting aside designated blocks of time in which only one issue will be addressed. During those periods of time, an individual turns his or her full attention to the matter at hand. When that time period is over, the subject of compartmentalization is set aside until the next scheduled session, leaving the individual free to pursue other matters.

In divorce, compartmentalization serves two important roles. It allows spouses to place a hard limit on the amount of time spent thinking about the end of the marriage and the legal aspects of the divorce. More importantly, it ensures that important divorce tasks are completed in a timely manner, due to the fact that time has been made to address those issues. When properly employed, compartmentalization gives spouses the ability to handle their legal needs while not allowing their emotional reaction to overwhelm their days.

Each and every Arizona spouse will have his or her own set of needs when it comes to divorce. Compartmentalization is just one of many tools that can help make the divorce process easier to navigate. For those who are able to embrace the concept and methods of compartmentalization, the end of a marriage can be far easier to manage.

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