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Take the same divorce approach as celebrity couples

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2015 | Uncategorized

As many in Arizona know, the summer of 2015 seems to have been a particularly rough time for many celebrity couples. It seems as though every week brings a new divorce announcement for a high-profile couple in the world of movies, television and music. While most celebrity divorce cases have very little in common with the divorce experience of the “average” couple, there are a number of lessons to be learned from the manner in which celebrities approach divorce.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about many of these widely reported splits is the way that celebrities (and their public relations teams) are able to control the message that they send to the public. When a high-profile couple splits, the image presented to the world is often one of calm and cooperation. This image comes by way of the publicity announcement, in which both spouses express their mutual admiration and hopes for a smooth divorce process. While the rest of us may not have a management team standing by to create a press release surrounding the end of a marriage, we can employ a similar approach on our own, and enjoy similar results.

A great divorce announcement keeps things sweet and simple. Begin by acknowledging that the relationship has come to an end, and that this was not something that either spouse envisioned happening. Move on to say that both parties are working together to resolve the details of the divorce and are hoping to resolve the matter amicably. Parents should stress that they are both focused on making the transition easier for their children, and ask for privacy during this difficult time. Finally, it can be helpful to mention that one’s focus is now on the future, and not the past, and that each spouse wishes the other the best.

A divorce announcement is powerful in its ability to shut down invasive lines of questioning. Having a statement already crafted and ready to deploy can make it far easier to share the news of the split with one’s friends, family and co-workers. While many of the examples set by celebrities are not worth emulating, a divorce publicity statement is one area in which high-profile couples set a fine example for Arizona spouses.

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