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What to expect from a $99 divorce

When contemplating the end of a marriage, one of the most important considerations for many Arizona spouses is cost. This is an understandable concern, as virtually everyone is aware of at least one couple who went through a terrible divorce that cost a great deal of money. The desire to save money during this tumultuous time gives companies excellent motivation to offer services aimed at reducing the cost of divorce. One of the most recent examples comes from a company that promises users the ability to move beyond a broken marriage for only $99.

Man wins child custody fight for daughter who was adopted

Imagine anticipating the birth of your baby daughter, only to find that the infant was given away for adoption without your knowledge or consent. This is exactly what happened to one man who was shocked to learn how few rights he had in relation to his unborn child. After a stressful child custody fight, he was finally able to gain custody of his little girl, and he is now in the process of building a bond with her. His story serves as a warning to unwed fathers in Arizona and across the nation.

Divorce denied based on Supreme Court ruling

Most Arizona readers are aware that a recent Supreme Court ruling has legitimized same-sex marriage for couples across the nation. That landmark decision has left many feeling bitter and disenfranchised, which has led to continuing debate on the issue of gay marriage. It appears that one southern judge has taken the matter a step further and has used the ruling as a legal basis for denying a heterosexual couple their divorce.

Can "regular" people have their divorce records sealed?

Many Arizona residents are aware of the recent divorce between southern governor Robert Bentley and his wife of 50 years. The case has made headlines across the nation, largely due to the fact that the divorce records pertaining to the matter have been sealed under a judge's orders. While several media outlets are fighting that decision, many people are wondering if it is possible to have their own divorce records kept confidential.

Women file for divorce at higher rate than men

A recent study suggests that when a marriage is on the rocks, women are more likely to file for divorce than men. Interestingly, the same study revealed that men and women who are in committed but unmarried relationships end those unions at approximately the same rate. There are a number of reasons why women are the ones who make the first move in divorce, all of which are based in the social norms that affect women in Arizona and across the nation.

Your divorce attorney cannot stand in for a trained therapist

During the process of ending a marriage, most Arizona spouses will have a strong emotional reaction. This is normal, even in cases in which both spouses agree that the union should end. It is important for all spouses to understand that during the divorce process, there are a wide range of needs that will arise, and that not all of these needs can be met by any one professional.

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