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Women file for divorce at higher rate than men

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2015 | Uncategorized

A recent study suggests that when a marriage is on the rocks, women are more likely to file for divorce than men. Interestingly, the same study revealed that men and women who are in committed but unmarried relationships end those unions at approximately the same rate. There are a number of reasons why women are the ones who make the first move in divorce, all of which are based in the social norms that affect women in Arizona and across the nation.

While women have achieved great strides toward equality within the workplace, it remains the case that men continue to outpace their female colleagues in terms of pay and job security. This means that many women are in a vulnerable financial position as they consider filing for divorce. By taking a proactive approach to the matter, they may be able to make arrangements for their living conditions and look for employment prior to discussing divorce with their husband.

When money is expected to be tight during and after a divorce, every little bit of additional income or savings will help. By choosing when to file, women can ensure that they are ready to move forward on their own and that have sufficient money set aside to cover their needs while the divorce is underway. This is crucial to make things work until any expected child or spousal support payments begin.

Men and women often have different needs when it comes to divorce. This is especially true in cases in which women are expected to assume the bulk of child custody responsibilities. Having the financial means to make ends meet and support the needs of the family is a primary concern for most Arizona women who are considering divorce. Preparing for those financial needs may be one reason why women are the ones who initiate divorce at a higher rate than men.

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