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Your divorce attorney cannot stand in for a trained therapist

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2015 | Uncategorized

During the process of ending a marriage, most Arizona spouses will have a strong emotional reaction. This is normal, even in cases in which both spouses agree that the union should end. It is important for all spouses to understand that during the divorce process, there are a wide range of needs that will arise, and that not all of these needs can be met by any one professional.

Take, for example, your divorce attorney. He or she is tasked with providing legal advice and guiding the overall divorce process in a forward direction. Those responsibilities require a comprehensive understanding of Arizona divorce law, as well as excellent file management and organizational skills. That skill set, however, does not extend to cover a client’s emotional needs.

Spouses must avoid turning to their attorney for moral support, or using them as a sounding board for frustrations and anxieties. A trained therapist is a better source for emotional support and is equipped to handle the range of coping needs that often arise during a divorce. Just as a therapist would be ill-equipped to draft a set of legal documents, an attorney is not prepared to act as a mental health professional during a divorce.

In addition, spouses who expect their divorce attorney to stand in as a therapist could be in for a shock when the bill arrives. Attorneys charge by the hour, and time spent listening to a client’s frustrations or non-legal matters are charged at the same rate as time spent conducting negotiations or drafting legal documents. Making judicious use of multiple professionals is the best way for Arizona spouses to ensure that all of their needs are met during a divorce.

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