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Parenting tips for newly divorced co-parents

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2015 | Uncategorized

The first few months following a divorce can be challenging for many Arizona parents. This is especially true for parents who will not be the primary caretaker for their kids. While more and more fathers are assuming the bulk of custodial duties, men are still statistically more likely to have less time with their children than women. Unsure how to define that time, many men struggle in the first few months after divorce as they adjust to their new role as co-parents.

It is important for kids to have structure and discipline within both homes, and non-custodial parents should take the time to devise a set of expectations for their children. Even very young kids can assume responsibility for certain chores, and can keep their own space neat within both homes. Having a list of responsibilities allows children to know what to expect, which can be very calming during a tumultuous time.

Fathers must also make every effort to build a positive co-parenting relationship with their former spouse. The best way to do so is to establish positive communication habits, and to be as gracious as possible when there is a scheduling conflict or other area of potential contention. This can take time, but when both parents are willing to put the needs of their children above their own needs, the outcome is better for all involved.

For some Arizona co-parents, no degree of effort will produce the desired results. In cases in which the children are negatively affected, it may be necessary to re-approach the court and ask for a modification in child custody. Parents who believe that this might occur may wish to consult a family law attorney about collecting the proper documentation to bring to court.  

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