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Man fights for return of son in international child custody case

When Arizona parents are unable to come to terms over the care and custody of a shared child, the matter can become highly complex and contentious. When there are international elements introduced into the child custody case, the level of complexity can skyrocket. Such is the setting for one man who is fighting for the return of his son after the child's mother took the boy to South America.

Tips for spouses who do not plan to divorce

A great deal of advice is aimed at Arizona spouses who are preparing to divorce. For those who are happily married, there is very little information out there to advise on the best way to protect one's interests in the event that the marriage moves toward divorce. This can leave many people ill prepared to deal with the sudden announcement that divorce is on the horizon. The following tips are offered for spouses who are happy within their marriage, in the hopes that they remain so.

Wealthy wife shocked by husband's divorce filing

Virtually everyone in Arizona knows of a couple in which one partner was happy and completely unaware that their other party was deeply troubled about the state of the relationship. In many cases, the happy spouse remains in the dark about the issue until his or her partner files for divorce. Such may have been the case for one woman whose millionaire husband surprised her with a divorce action.

Arizona parents sometimes challenged by child custody issues

Most Arizona residents would agree that divorce is never easy. When soon-to-be-former spouses are also parents, matters can become increasingly complicated with regard to resolving issues concerning the future care and upbringing of children after divorce. It is advisable for those facing issues of child custody, visitation or support to act under the guidance of experienced family law attorneys before proceeding to court.

Older spouses have unique divorce needs

According to social science researchers, more and more older Americans are choosing to move toward divorce. In fact, the National Center for Family and Marriage Research has released statistics that suggest that in 2014, individuals age 50 and older filed for divorce at two times the rate of same age group in 1990. Individuals over the age of 65 showed an even higher increase over that same span of time. For many in Arizona, these numbers come as no surprise.

How to achieve a successful divorce mediation

When two Arizona spouses are committed to resolving their divorce differences outside of court, mediation is a powerful resource. In order for divorce mediation to be a success, however, it is important to understand the most common errors that spouses can make during the process. The following tips are offered to help couples navigate the waters of mediation, and emerge with a settlement that is agreeable to both sides.

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