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Arizona parents sometimes challenged by child custody issues

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2015 | Uncategorized

Most Arizona residents would agree that divorce is never easy. When soon-to-be-former spouses are also parents, matters can become increasingly complicated with regard to resolving issues concerning the future care and upbringing of children after divorce. It is advisable for those facing issues of child custody, visitation or support to act under the guidance of experienced family law attorneys before proceeding to court.

Centuori & Alcoverde, P.C. is a law firm comprised of dedicated attorneys who are prepared to assist those facing legal challenges involving child custody, visitation or other family matters. Depending upon the unique circumstances of an individual family, resolving the myriad issues that can sometimes be involved in developing a future co-parenting plan after divorce can be stressful and complicated. Many believe that it is essential to a child’s overall health and well-being to maintain a good relationship with both parents after divorce.

Our team of experienced attorneys can help you determine a plan that addresses the needs of all involved. By discussing the personal details of your situation, we can guide you through the process of laying the foundation for an effective, long-term co-parenting plan for your family. We can ensure that, as a parent, your rights are protected and that you have an opportunity to exercise those rights in court.

Centuori & Alcoverde, P.C. is prepared to negotiate on your behalf and obtain a positive outcome that meets your needs and focuses on the best interests of your child/children. Arizona has very specific regulations regarding certain matters of child custody and support. You can rely on our clear understanding of the law to clarify these issues and help you coordinate the details of your future co-parenting plan.