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Wealthy wife shocked by husband’s divorce filing

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2015 | Uncategorized

Virtually everyone in Arizona knows of a couple in which one partner was happy and completely unaware that their other party was deeply troubled about the state of the relationship. In many cases, the happy spouse remains in the dark about the issue until his or her partner files for divorce. Such may have been the case for one woman whose millionaire husband surprised her with a divorce action.

The couple have been married since 2008. The husband has made his fortune with his company, a security firm that manufactures the ink used in various types of printed currency. The couple have enjoyed a high-asset lifestyle for many years, and they have lived in glamorous locations around the world. When the wife went on a recent trip to Europe, however, her husband filed for divorce in another foreign location.

Aside from being blindsided by the news that her marriage was over, the wife also asserts that her husband removed valuable works of art from one of their homes and had the pieces stored in a nearby facility. She claims that the value of their art collection is in the ballpark of $25 million. The husband claims that his wife knew of his plans to sell the collection; one of the pieces has been placed for auction with Christie’s. His wife has asked a court to prevent him from selling the art.

As this divorce case moves on, more details may arise concerning the couple and their lifestyle. For some Arizona residents, the assertion on the part of the wife that she had no idea that her marriage was in trouble serves as a warning. Anyone, from any walk of life and with any level of wealth can be blindsided by a unilateral decision on the part of one spouse to move toward divorce.

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