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Can spouse get “pet support” payments from divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2015 | Uncategorized

Each and every divorce case is unique, which is a fact that many Arizona residents forget. The issues of contention between any two spouses are the direct result of the details of their lives together. When a couple has amassed a high degree of wealth, they often have divorce issues that differ from those of less prosperous families. An example is found in the divorce of actress Mandy Moore.

Moore married musician Ryan Adams in 2009, and the couple filed for divorce in early 2015. Although they do not have children, they did build a menagerie of pets, with six cats and two dogs. Moore, left alone to care for those animals, claims that she is unable to provide for their needs and is asking for $37,000 per month in spousal support.

Ryan earns an estimated $151,000 each month, while Moore Moore brings in less than one quarter of that amount. Moore claims that her income is insufficient to cover the couple’s previously shared expenses. She also claims that she has had to cancel work obligations in order to stay home and care for the pets.

While the details of this divorce case may seem unusual to many in Arizona, it is important to understand that each couple has a lifestyle that was created based on their preferences and financial means. If Moore is able to convince a court that she should be given a monthly amount to maintain certain elements of the couple’s lifestyle, then she very well may prevail. The same can be said of any Arizona spouse, no matter their particular financial circumstances.

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