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Delaying divorce can be a risky proposition

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2015 | Uncategorized

When an Arizona marriage is on the rocks, many spouses are unsure when to throw in the towel. Choosing to take an optimistic approach, some will delay filing for divorce for many years, hoping against hope that something will change within the relationship. Often, those changes never arrive, and divorce is the eventual outcome. Delaying a divorce may work for some couples, but it is often a mistake.

For one thing, putting off filing for divorce does nothing to change the issues that are damaging the relationship. Unless both spouses commit to working out their differences with a therapist, it is unlikely that the situation will improve. Postponing divorce in such cases only serves to waste the time of all involved, and delay any happiness that the future may hold.

Secondly, spouses should understand that to delay a divorce filing is to risk that the current situation will remain stable. If an unexpected event should occur, such as the illness of one’s partner, the loss of a job or a serious financial strain, plans to end the marriage may be placed on a back burner. This can result in even more time spent in an untenable marriage.

Pulling the plug can be a challenge, and no one is suggesting that walking away from a marital commitment is every simple or easy. However, the only reason to delay a divorce is when both parties are ready to work hard to try and actively resolve their problems. In virtually every other set of circumstances, moving forward with a divorce is almost always the better course of action for unhappy spouses in Arizona and elsewhere.

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