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Divorce advice for doctors in Arizona and elsewhere

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Individuals who have worked to attain the education required to become a doctor are often rewarded with substantial incomes once their careers have taken off. Research suggests that doctors are among the health care workers who are least likely to divorce. That said, a career in the medical field can be very demanding and can place stress on a marriage. As a result, some physicians in Arizona will face divorce, and many are unsure how to navigate these unfamiliar waters.

One of the most important things that high asset spouses must understand is that there are options when moving through a divorce. Not every couple has to go through an adversarial process that depletes their shared assets, places both parties at odds with one another and drags on for a considerable length of time. It is possible for divorcing spouses to work together to resolve the details of their divorce.

An example is found in mediation, which is a form of collaborative law. Unlike traditional litigation, where spouses begin the process at odds and move forward from there, collaboration involves a partnership of sorts. Spouses work together to resolve their differences and seek a mutually agreeable resolution.

For physicians, divorce often involves dividing considerable assets. When a couple takes an adversarial approach, a significant portion of those assets can be depleted through legal fees. Mediation, on the other hand, places attorneys in the role of legal advisors while the spouses themselves work through the details of their split. For many in Arizona, the final result is far preferable to a protracted court battle.

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