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How to recognize and respond to a divorce bully

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2015 | Uncategorized

People respond to stress in different ways. At times, an individual will react to an unpleasant situation in a manner that is completely unexpected and out of character. This is especially true during a divorce, when an Arizona spouse may feel rejected, abandoned or otherwise wronged. For some, the reaction can come in the form of bullying, which can make matters very challenging for the other party. It is important that spouses are able to recognize the forms that bullying can take within a divorce case as well as the best ways to respond.

One of the most common types of bullying that spouses engage in is making threats. Some people threaten to fight to the bitter end, depleting marital funds in the process. Others will take a more direct approach and threaten to take away shared children in a custody battle. No matter what action is being threatened, having one’s spouse display this level of aggression is disconcerting to many.

One of the best ways to handle threats is to set up boundaries. This is most easily accomplished by decreasing the opportunity for an ex to issue threats. Many divorcing spouses will take steps to limit face-to-face interaction with their soon-to-be ex. Some find it helpful to limit communication to email, which has the added benefit of creating a record of what is said.

It is also important for Arizona spouses to understand how the divorce process will proceed so that it is possible to evaluate any threats that are issued. Working with a divorce attorney will provide a great deal of information and insight into the overall process of ending a marriage. This knowledge can help spouses determine when to take threats seriously and when divorce bullying is nothing more than an expression of tension and frustration on the part of the offending party.

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