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Could an Arizona spouse be unaware of his or her own divorce?

An unusual divorce case is in the news, and has led some in Arizona to question why certain people would choose to marry in the first place. The matter centers on a man who married a woman 20 years ago, only to divorce her just months after their wedding. He continued to live together with his wife for more than two decades, while she was unaware that he had taken steps to end their marriage shortly after it began.

Financial steps to take early in the divorce process

The first few weeks of a divorce can be a hectic time. There are a number of issues that require attention, and it can seem as though there is never enough time in the day to cover the growing to-do list. There are several financial safeguards that should be put into place during this period of time, and Arizona spouses should make those tasks their priorities as the divorce process gets started.

Tips for parents who are considering 50/50 shared child custody

Transitioning from married to single is a difficult task, especially for Arizona families with small children. Both parents usually want to remain closely connected to their kids, and many families will consider a child custody arrangement that divides parenting time equally. While this may seem like an attractive option, it is important for families to carefully consider whether truly shared custody is the right fit.

Court rules that couple cannot reverse their divorce

As most Arizona spouses move through their divorce cases, very few give any serious consideration to reconciling with their partners. In reality, however, a number of couples do eventually get back together, and many will remarry. An unusual case recently went before one state's Supreme Court when a couple asked that its divorce be overturned.

Case determines child support for stepparent

In the vast majority of cases in Arizona and elsewhere, child support is an obligation limited to biological or adoptive parents. When two people marry and bring existing children into a new family, the stepparent does not assume a default obligation to support the children if that marriage should fail. In an unusual case, one state's Supreme Court has ruled that a stepparent who aggressively pursues custody can be held liable for child support.

Controversial judge removes herself from child custody case

When a divorce or custody case goes before a judge in Arizona or elsewhere, that judge will continue to preside over the case from that point forward with very few exceptions. Only in rare instances will a family court judge be removed from a case. In a recent departure from that norm, a judge has taken steps to remove herself from a highly controversial child custody case.

How to jumpstart a stalled divorce in 2016

The new year has begun, and many Arizona residents are ready to move forward in their lives. For those who are stuck in the middle of a contentious divorce, that goal may seem difficult to attain. When looking for ways to move a divorce case forward, it is often necessary to change one's approach.

Is divorce really bad for one's health? Maybe not

Social science has long held that people who are married have better health and higher levels of happiness than their single or divorced counterparts. One recent study, however, suggests that this strongly held belief may not be as rock-solid as once thought. Researchers took a look at marriage and health and found that not all marriages lead to improved health and happiness. This news may come as a relief for some Arizona spouses who have been considering divorce.

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