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How to jumpstart a stalled divorce in 2016

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2016 | Uncategorized

The new year has begun, and many Arizona residents are ready to move forward in their lives. For those who are stuck in the middle of a contentious divorce, that goal may seem difficult to attain. When looking for ways to move a divorce case forward, it is often necessary to change one’s approach.

In many cases, one spouse wants to end the marriage, while the other holds out hope that the relationship can be repaired. This is difficult for both parties and can stall a divorce for a long period of time. While the desire to repair the marriage is an admirable one, it is important for spouses to realize that it takes two committed parties to work on a marriage. If that goal is not shared by one’s spouse, then there is no good that can come of delaying the divorce.

Another issue that can complicate a divorce is when one or both spouses use the process to harm each other. Divorce is the legal means of ending a marriage. It is not a venue for hashing out old resentments from the marriage, or for punishing each other for wrongdoing, whether real or perceived. Couples who are able to refocus and work toward a resolution can put the matter to rest and move forward to new lives as singles.

Spouses who are ready to move forward in their stalled divorce should begin my making an honest and thorough self-assessment. If they are holding out hope that the marriage will be resuscitated, it is time to evaluate whether their husband or wife shares that same goal. If they are using the divorce process as a weapon, it is time to turn attention away from the past and toward the future. Divorce is as much of a beginning as it is an end, and understanding that can help many Arizona spouses move on.

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