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How does domestic violence impact child custody and visitation?

When a victim of domestic violence decides to leave the abusive relationship, that decision is often not easy. A significant volume of abuse is emotional in nature, and includes belittling the victim and attempting to convince him or her that there is no chance of happiness outside of the confines of that relationship. For victims who share one or more children with their abuser, the matter is even further complicated. Family courts in Arizona and elsewhere do not always give domestic violence the proper consideration when making child custody and visitation determinations.

Understanding how divorce will impact income taxes

With tax season just around the corner, now is a good time to discuss how divorce can change an individual's tax obligations. Arizona residents should understand how to factor those changes into their divorce negotiations. Many people overlook tax issues in the hectic months leading up to divorce, only to find that their tax scenarios could have been improved if taxation had been made part of conversations about their divorce settlements.

Financial discussions can lead to family law needs

As an Arizona couple prepares to wed, it is important to make time to discuss financial matters. Entering into marriage entails combining two lives into one, and the manner in which both parties approach money can have a significant impact on the relationship's chances of success. Discussing these issues prior to walking down the aisle can clarify matters for both parties, and can reveal whether there is a need for family law planning in the form of a prenuptial agreement.

What happens to retirement assets in divorce?

Divorce impacts all aspects of your life. Where you live, your relationship with your children and your finances all are impacted. You are not alone if you are worried about how your retirement assets and financial goals will be affected by divorce.

This behavior is the most common predictor of divorce

People decide to end marriages for a variety of reasons, and it is important to note that no two Arizona unions are every exactly the same. Researchers, believe, however, that there are certain behaviors that can eat away at any marriage and can eventually lead to divorce. According to the researchers behind one study, as many as 93 percent of divorces occur in marriages where at least one partner holds the other in contempt.

Turning a new financial leaf after an Arizona divorce

Divorce marks a significant change in the lives of Arizona residents, and many of those changes are positive ones. Once an individual has transitioned from married to single, he or she can begin charting a new course for life, one that is based solely on individual needs, goals and desires. Reaching a new level of financial savvy is often a primary goal during this period of transition, and it can be a powerful aspect of shaping a new life. Divorce is as much of a new beginning as it is an end, and those who are able to embrace the changes ahead can have a far easier time than those who cling to the past.

Don't overlook hidden or forgotten assets during divorce

The end of a marriage can be a hectic time for many in Arizona, and it is all too easy to miss important items on one's to-do list. This is especially true in financial matters, where there can be a complex blend of asset types and accompanying documentation. The outcome of property division will have a lasting impact, and spouses should make it a priority to ensure that all assets are accounted for as part of the negotiation process during divorce.

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