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Foster parents lose lengthy and bitter child custody fight

Many Arizona readers are unaware that a child's race could come into play during a custody dispute. Most people believe that when parties are unable to come to an agreement on the care and custody of a child, the court will look at what is in the best interests of that child when making a determination. In reality, however, that child custody approach become complicated when the child in question is of Native American descent.

Can you complete your divorce with your cell phone?

Technology has brought amazing improvements to many areas of our lives. From medicine to education, shopping to communications, the impact of technological advancement is difficult to overstate. That said, there are still many areas where technology cannot quite replace human expertise. Divorce provides a fine example, even as several companies are marketing divorce applications that can be accessed from smartphones and promise to make the end of an Arizona marriage both simple and inexpensive.

Couples hire a surrogate, but end up with only visitation rights

Infertility is a circumstance that can bring stress, frustration and even heartbreak to many Arizona families. For some, having a child through the use of a surrogate offers hope of adding a new baby to their family. Surrogacy is often chosen over adoption because many people want a child who shares at least part of their genetic makeup. However, this desire can lead to complications if things do not go as planned. For one couple, the pursuit of surrogacy led to only limited visitation with their child.

How to talk to children about divorce: A guide by age

No Arizona parent wants to sit down with their child and tell them that their entire world is about to change. Parents should understand that kids will process the news of a divorce in different ways, depending on their age and level of emotional maturity. Tailoring the conversation to the age of a child is essential to helping them to adapt to the changes to come.

Consistency is Key: Tips for Arizona co-parents

After a divorce has concluded, everyone involved will have to go through a period of transition as they settle into their new living arrangements. This can be a challenge for co-parents, who will now have to shoulder the full burden of caring for their kids when the children are with them as well as having to deal with the sense of loss that can come when the kids are with the other parent. For the children, it can be unsettling to move between two Arizona households.

What does 'discovery' mean in a divorce case?

For most Arizona residents, the divorce process is something of a mystery. This is not a process that people go through on a regular basis, and, even when a person has already experienced divorce in the past, laws and procedures change over time, and the current divorce climate may be far different from what an individual last experienced.. One of the aspects of divorce that is often misunderstood is the discovery process.

App could reduce custody and support tensions between parents

When an Arizona couple with children goes through divorce, tensions can rise between parents. Coming to an agreement on custody and support matters can be a challenge, and it can leave parents in an adversarial position toward one another. This can make it difficult to engage in productive conversations about child support matters, even after the divorce has been made final. A company has developed a phone app to address child support tensions, and the tool could prove useful to many Arizona parents.

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