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Consistency is Key: Tips for Arizona co-parents

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2016 | Uncategorized

After a divorce has concluded, everyone involved will have to go through a period of transition as they settle into their new living arrangements. This can be a challenge for co-parents, who will now have to shoulder the full burden of caring for their kids when the children are with them as well as having to deal with the sense of loss that can come when the kids are with the other parent. For the children, it can be unsettling to move between two Arizona households.

Co-parents can make this time easier by working to maintain consistency whenever possible. One approach is to try to continue the same rules, practices and routines that were in place prior to the divorce. This will give kids a sense of security because they will know what to expect in both households.

Another approach is for parents to work with each other to create new routines in regard to discipline and daily practices, with the goal of applying those routines in both households. While kids will have to adjust to the changes, they can be assured that the expectations are the same at Mom’s house as they are at Dad’s. This can be a comfort during the first few months after a divorce, and it can help them move forward with the knowledge that they are loved and supported by both parents.

Working together to create the best possible outcome for the kids is the central focus of a good co-parenting relationship. There will be plenty of changes ahead, but Arizona co-parents who are able to work together to make things easier for their kids can expect a better outcome than those who remain hostile and uncooperative with one another. Many will find that a collaborative parenting approach benefits all involved, adults and children alike.   

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