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Family Law topics: The bare basics of a prenuptial agreement

As summer approaches, many Arizona couples are preparing to take their vows. As they consider their seating charts and plan their ceremony, many will also begin to think about drafting a prenuptial agreement. These marital contracts provide a great deal of flexibility, and it can be difficult to know where to begin. A family law attorney can help guide the process, but some of the basics of many prenuptial agreements are outlined below.

"Most popular" parent doesn't always win child custody

When Arizona parents end a relationship, both will have to deal with the reality that they will have less time with their shared children. This can lead to the desire to maximize their parenting time, which is an understandable urge. However, some parents will make the false assumption that in order to make the most of their time, they need to court the favor of their children. In reality, this approach is not only detrimental to children, but it can also harm a parent's position if the child custody case goes before a court.

The concept of parental alienation within child custody

Child custody cases are among the most contentious matters that come before any court of law. Even in cases in which each Arizona parent recognizes that the other plays a vital role in the life of a shared child, coming to terms on dividing parenting time can lead to conflict. In cases in which one parent accuses the other of some form of child abuse, the court is placed in a very difficult position when ruling on child custody matters.  

Addressing child custody scheduling during graduation season

As the end of another school year approaches, many Arizona families will celebrate a child's graduation. This is a time of year that brings families together, including those who have been divided during divorce. Parents should expect to see a diverse blend of extended family on both sides, as well as family friends and their child's own friends. This is a time in which many aspects of a family's child custody agreement can and should be set aside.

How a mortgage is handled during and after a divorce

Splitting up marital wealth is a difficult process, and couples in Arizona who have purchased a home often have a hard time deciding what to do with that investment once the marriage has ended. In most cases, the best way to handle the family home is to sell the property and divide the proceeds between the parties. This allows both sides to walk away from the divorce with a clean slate, hopefully with an influx of cash.

Do grandparents have visitation rights in Arizona?

Grandparents have a very special relationship with their grandchildren, but the dynamics of that relationship can change drastically when circumstances change. The end of the parents' marriage and other unique factors can bring about unexpected challenges, specially when one parent objects to continued contact with other family members. Grandparents often wonder if they have any legal claim to visitation rights in Arizona. 

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