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An option to provide loved ones with financial divorce support

On Behalf of | May 20, 2016 | Uncategorized

In many cases, the news that an Arizona marriage is about to end comes as a welcome relief to the friends and family of one or both of the parties involved. Some unions are so fraught with turmoil, unhappiness or even abuse that everyone in a spouse’s life hopes that divorce is the ultimate outcome. In such cases, loved ones often want to offer their support once the decision has been made to file for divorce. Figuring out how to harness that goodwill, however, can be a challenge.

One way that spouses can approach this issue is by setting up a crowdfunding account. Crowdfunding is the process of collecting donations or contributions from many people to provide funding for a specific purpose. People have started businesses using crowdfunding, sent kids to college or even paid for repairs after a natural disaster. Some crowdfunding sites have acknowledged that divorce is an area in which crowdfunding might yield similar benefits.

Once a site has been chosen, the divorcing spouse simply sets up a page outlining how contributions would be used. Donations can be used to pay for legal fees, cover the cost of moving to a new residence or pay for counseling services for children in the family. Friends and family who want to extend assistance can be directed to the site, where they can contribute at whatever level they choose.

The idea of crowdfunding may not appeal to every Arizona spouse, but it is an option that is worth consideration. Even those who do not choose to pursue crowdfunding can learn that there are alternative paths toward funding a divorce. That knowledge can be put to work finding a path out of a broken marriage and toward a brighter future.

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