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Prenup allows actress to keep her fortune after recent divorce

On Behalf of | May 22, 2016 | Uncategorized

Actress Kaley Cuoco is best known by many in Arizona for her role as Penny, the not-so-bright blonde love interest on the hit television show “Big Bang Theory.” While Cuoco may play dumb on-screen, she is anything but in real life. When preparing to marry tennis player Ryan Sweeting, Cuoco had an iron-clad prenuptial agreement drawn up. Because of that agreement, the actress was able to keep most of her earnings and assets during the couple’s divorce earlier this year.

Sweeting has achieved considerable success as a tennis player and has earned money from various appearances and endorsements. However, his net worth pales in comparison to that of Cuoco, who signed a $72 million contract for her role on “Big Bang Theory.” Despite the fact that the couple were married for less than two years, Sweeting sought spousal support from his wife.

Sweeting was unsuccessful in that endeavor. While Cuoco will have to pay him $165,000 and cover the cost of his personal trainer, she will not have to pay him any form of alimony. That is the result of provisions laid out within the couple’s prenup. Cuoco will also retain ownership of the couple’s two homes. Sweeting will walk away from the marriage with any cash and gift certificates that he brought into the marriage.

While most Arizona residents do not have $72 million in income to consider during a divorce, there are still plenty of reasons to include a prenuptial agreement in the wedding plans. Having a prenup can clarify issues surrounding the division of marital wealth, as well as matters surrounding spousal support. No matter what one’s net worth, having to hand over a significant portion of that wealth after a relatively short marriage is never an easy thing.

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