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Maintaining momentum during divorce mediation

Couples who have decided to pursue mediation as a path to divorce are often rewarded with a less contentious and speedier resolution. Making a commitment to working out issues in a collaborative manner, and not by way of traditional litigation, is a smart option that more and more couples in Arizona are choosing. That said, there will still be times during the divorce mediation process where things will feel overwhelming and when the urge to act badly may bubble to the surface.

Court rules that workers cannot be fired due to divorce

There are many things to be concerned about during the process of ending a marriage. Whether or not one's job is secure should not be one of those concerns. One state recently examined the issue, and their Supreme Court ruled that divorce should not be used as grounds for termination from employment. The case could have far-ranging effects, including for spouses in Arizona who are preparing to divorce but are worried about their job security as they transition through this challenging time.

Some kids process divorce the same way as grief

No two Arizona families are ever exactly the same, and kids will experience family changes in unique ways. For some kids, a divorce between their parents is a source of relief, and marks a transition away from daily tensions within the home. In other cases, kids will process their parents' divorce in the same way as they would the loss of a loved ones, and will go through the stages of grief. Understanding what those stages are can help parents support their kids during and after a divorce.  

How fathers can make the most out of visitation time

Once the dust has settled and the ink has dried, many Arizona fathers find it difficult to create new routines for spending time with their kids. Visitation time is essential to maintaining the bond between fathers and children, and social science research suggests that daughters have a particular need for a close and health bond with their dads. It is important to think about these matters while working through the new parenting structure, and to make every effort to support one's children during and after a divorce.

Johnny Depp facing divorce, accusations of domestic violence

As many Arizona readers are aware, after shying away from marriage for many years, actor Johnny Depp married model and actress Amber Heard in 2014. After just 15 months of marriage, however, the couple is now headed for divorce. Depp is also facing accusations of domestic violence, and the media has been covering that story from virtually every angle. While it is too early to determine the truth of the matter, both sides are making strong statements about the relationship, as well as the reasons for the accusations.

Do women eat better than men following a divorce?

Every Arizona resident knows that the timeframe after the end of a marriage can be full of stress and disruption. It takes time to settle into a new routine and to rebuild a life that is based on one's own goals and priorities, and not those of a partner. One recent study looked at how men and women fare in their nutrition habits after a divorce, and found that men may have a particularly hard time adjusting to fending for themselves in the kitchen.

Study results could lead some couples to mediation

A recent study finds that marital strife could have a greater impact on shared children than ending the marriage altogether. Researchers looked at data collected over a period of 16 years, and asked respondents about their childhood family structure as well as their adult relationships. The results suggest that high levels of conflict could be more damaging than a divorce. This news might be sufficient to prompt some Arizona couples to consider whether mediation is the best path to divorce.

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