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How fathers can make the most out of visitation time

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2016 | Uncategorized

Once the dust has settled and the ink has dried, many Arizona fathers find it difficult to create new routines for spending time with their kids. Visitation time is essential to maintaining the bond between fathers and children, and social science research suggests that daughters have a particular need for a close and health bond with their dads. It is important to think about these matters while working through the new parenting structure, and to make every effort to support one’s children during and after a divorce.

Researchers believe that the relationship between a father and daughter will largely shape the way that a girl will form future romantic relationships. It is critically important that dads show their daughters love and support, and that a healthy bond is built and preserved throughout the child’s early years. Dads can make great strides toward this goal by simply remembering the impact that they will have on their daughter’s life, and working to make the most out of parenting time.

Dads should help their daughters discover and expand on areas where they have a natural ability or talent. They should also strive to remain connected with their daughters as they move through childhood and adolescence. For some families, this might mean becoming active in a child’s sports teams. Others will find connections through school projects or hobbies. No matter what a child is interested in, fathers should try to find common ground and participate.

It is also important for both parents to honor and support each other’s relationship with their children. Arizona dads must take steps to avoid speaking poorly about the other parent during visitation times. Kids understand that they are the product of both parents, and an attack on one could be interpreted as an attack on those aspects of the child that resemble the parent. With the right degree of motivation and effort, dads can grow closer to their daughters while avoiding expressions of negativity directed at the other parent.  

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