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Johnny Depp facing divorce, accusations of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2016 | Uncategorized

As many Arizona readers are aware, after shying away from marriage for many years, actor Johnny Depp married model and actress Amber Heard in 2014. After just 15 months of marriage, however, the couple is now headed for divorce. Depp is also facing accusations of domestic violence, and the media has been covering that story from virtually every angle. While it is too early to determine the truth of the matter, both sides are making strong statements about the relationship, as well as the reasons for the accusations.

What is clear is that the couple had a recent argument at one of their homes, which prompted an unidentified third party to call police. When the officers arrived, they noted no signs of physical abuse, and no signs of a crime of any sort. Days later, Heard filed for divorce, and then several days after that she approached the court to ask for a restraining order. That request was granted, but Heard’s request for temporary spousal support was denied. In seeking the protective order, Heard told the court that Depp has been abusive toward her for the entirety of their four year relationship, and that he has issues with substance abuse.

Depp has released a statement denying those allegations. He claims that Heard is fabricating domestic violence claims in order to try and obtain a more favorable divorce settlement. Statements from Depp’s daughter and his former partner show the actor in a positive light and refute that he has every been abusive toward any of his family members.

As this case plays out, additional details may become available. Domestic violence is a serious matter, and no individual should be subjected to abuse at the hands of a partner. That said, there are certainly cases in which one spouse will make false claims of abuse toward the other in an attempt to gain the upper hand in divorce proceedings. It is too soon to tell whether domestic violence is an issue within this celebrity marriage, but there will doubtlessly be continued media coverage in Arizona and elsewhere as the case proceeds.  

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