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Study results could lead some couples to mediation

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2016 | Uncategorized

A recent study finds that marital strife could have a greater impact on shared children than ending the marriage altogether. Researchers looked at data collected over a period of 16 years, and asked respondents about their childhood family structure as well as their adult relationships. The results suggest that high levels of conflict could be more damaging than a divorce. This news might be sufficient to prompt some Arizona couples to consider whether mediation is the best path to divorce.

Researchers found that children who grew up in high conflict households were more likely to go through their own divorce as an adult than kids whose parents stayed together but were unhappy. In fact, kids whose parents divorced were no more likely to have their own marriage end than kids who grew up in intact families with low levels of conflict. This may come as a relief to those parents who have been putting off filing for divorce over fears about how that choice might impact their kids.

Many spouses still believe that kids are better served by growing up with two parents in the home. This is so even when those parents do not have a functioning or fulfilling marriage, and even when there may be high levels of tension and conflict within the home. This belief is not always grounded in current social science research, but it is firmly held, nonetheless.

This and other pieces of research may be just what some Arizona couples need to make the decision to move forward with a divorce. Those who are concerned about a negative impact for their shared children can always research mediation. This low-conflict approach can help a family work through the details of a divorce without taking sides and waging war.

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